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Monthly Archive June, 2008

How old is your twin brother?

At DGMB BBQ, last night. Kel Li: Shaun! Are you a twin? Shaun: Yeap. Identical twins. Kel Li: Ooohh.. Old are you? Shaun: 20 this year. Kel Li: Oooohh.. How old is your twin brother? Geddit or not?

June 29, 2008 - Conversation - - 6 Comments


Are you invited? I know I am! Urbanscapes is today as well, and I’m going, with a Media Pass! But my camera is with Thomas. Bugger cepat bagi balik boleh tak?

June 28, 2008 - Events - - 1 Comments

Not Your Average Super Hero

Nuffnang is going to bring me to watch Hancock becaaaause: I can’t fly I can’t turn invisible I can’t catch flies with chopsticks So what super powers I got eh? *prepare for a bloody lame vain post* I can levitate! Muahahaha!!! Yes. That’s obviously me. Look at the butt, damn obvious lor. How can you [...]

June 25, 2008 - Events - - 2 Comments

Legal Age for Sex

Me: I’m sure the legal age is 18 in Malaysia! Her: I don’t think so!! Me: Ask your mom!! Her: WHY ASK HER?! Me: Don’t you ask your mom everything? Her: No. Hmmm.. Lemme call someone and ask. Me: WHAT? *She calls a friend* Her: Hey! I got a question for you Kawan: Errr.. Yeah? [...]

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CincauHangus’s New Home

Here we are in my new home. New domain for a rebranding. Okay la, not so new as that’s my nick name after all. Anyways, this is just a filler post at the moment while I continue setting up my blog. I promise this time, the theme will be better than the previous one. *previous [...]

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