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Monthly Archive August, 2008

How to access Malaysia Today website

If you’ve read today’s papers or Malaysiakini (Malaysia Today blocked! Order from MCMC) you would have known that Malaysia government has blocked access to the Malaysia today website a.k.a Raja Petra’s blog. For some reason I’m still able to view that website and I just realised why. It’s because I’m not using TMNet’s DNS service.. [...]

August 28, 2008 - Internet - - 0 Comments

New Laptops, Intel Centrino 2 & WiMAX

Every time when someone asks me what laptop to buy, I’ll always say go with Dell. Simply because of the after sales support and fast customer services. Even if you’re an expert at repairing computers, I’m sure you’ll be lazy and just call Dell Support to fix them. Usually the best price to specifications laptop [...]

August 27, 2008 - Hardware,WiMAX - - 2 Comments

WiMAX Gaming Consoles! What about WiMAX P2P?

The latest consoles now uses ad-hoc and infrastructure WiFi hotspots to connect with each other for multiplayer gaming. But that limits distance for the consoles to within the WiFi router’s range. With the NDS you can even connect to your wireless router to join your friends at their homes for some Mario Kart action. But [...]

WiMAX - - 0 Comments

What plant is yellow?

At DGMB Satay Celup. Kel Li: What plant is yellow? Schmae: Banana! Kel Li: HELLO! BANANA IS NOT A PLANT! Schmae: Banana plant is a plant lah! Kel Li: NOO!! BANANA IS A FRUIT! Schmae: Fine! >( *2 minutes later* Yatz: I KNOW!! PLANTA!

Conversation - - 2 Comments

Jellyfish are Blue

Schmae says: thinking of what to say to you to cheer u up i’m useless at these things u know =( CincauHangus.com says: aww im easily amused dear like.. what plant is yellow… Schmae says: … CincauHangus.com says: or..what animal is blue.. Schmae says: what?? fish hahahahha fish is blue right? CincauHangus.com says: Blooo! hahahahaha [...]

Conversation - - 0 Comments

DGMB Satay Celup

What can I say? Other than being accused of having ADD, OCD and STD by the budak kecik.. It was damn fun! Best of all, the gender ratio is 1:1! Enough to have a soccer match! Boys vs Girls. Maybe there will be one next? Who knows. We had our Satay celup session at Hwei [...]

August 24, 2008 - Trips & Outings - - 6 Comments

Seagate Precious Memories

A month back, I joined the above photo contest with this photo: Why that photo? Well I’m not too sure.. Generally the photo seems flat and the top left is very.. colourful. But it did capture Sheng Li‘s laugh which is RARE. By the way Happy Birthday budak kecik. Without too much hope of actually [...]

August 22, 2008 - Photography - - 2 Comments

My Favourite Computer Game of All Time

*a very cliche title* What’s my favourite computer game all time. Lets start when I was young. I was first introduced to games when it was back at 1995 when Windows 95 was out.. My dad has this game in his office computer (for some reason..) that has 2 gorillas on each side, both separated [...]

August 14, 2008 - Gaming - - 2 Comments