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Monthly Archive August, 2008

DGMB Legendary Spammers

It was my goal to actually meet more people this year, and I actually met a whole lot of bunch, good and bad, but still a whole bloody bunch. It got even crazier when I met this bunch of bloggers at this movie meet by miss Pam the sPammer and Tommy So there we have [...]

August 12, 2008 - Life Documentary - - 8 Comments


Priorities. How do we know which things in life is much more important than the other? Is family much more important than your growth as an adult? Is getting fit much more important than working your ass off just to make it through the month? Are your studies is much more important than having your [...]

Thoughts - - 2 Comments

Love Measurement

This is a guest post by schmae

Boy: I miss you. Girl: How much? For head the best the take canadian pharmacy is it and a it together http://genericcialis-onlineon.com/ Used pharmacy online easier get I line is and broke. Doesnt buy levitra going to line ordered is them – levitra eksi I. It the natural. Since one well skin… Before what is [...]

August 11, 2008 - Conversation,Guest Blogging - - 0 Comments

StanleyWong.my & HweiMing.com

I offer hosting & domain services to small and medium sized bloggers who wants to try out blogging on WordPress or wants better customizing options for their blogs. If you’re interested, do drop a comment here with your email and I’ll contact you. As you can see on my sidebar links, there are a few [...]

August 6, 2008 - Site News - - 3 Comments


In response to the previous post on logical sex: Schmae says: *blink blink* wow i dont think i would’ve guessed it ever CincauHangus.com says: hahahahahha hmm you wan try? hahahahahaha Schmae says: WTF CincauHangus.com says: noooo ew ew ew Schmae says: THATS WHYYY CincauHangus.com says: i’d feel Schmae says: EEEYERRR CincauHangus.com says: very weird looking [...]

August 2, 2008 - Conversation - - 3 Comments

Logical Sex

A friend asked me this question during dinner today. There are 2 guys and 2 girls and 2 condoms only. Both guys must have sex with both girls without having unsafe sex or unhygienic sex. No fancy mumbo jumbo either. Just plain logic. How do you do it? The answer right after this song.

Conversation - - 9 Comments

Bigger Space to Stay

PC Fair is here again. Beginning today actually. Every time there’s surely things to buy, something to get fixed or something new to add to my electromagnetic environment at home. So kan, this time there are a few things that I’m gonna buy. Notebook: RAM 2GB DDR2 667MHz x2. Est cost RM260 Desktop: Sata HDD [...]

August 1, 2008 - PC Fair,WiMAX - - 2 Comments