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Monthly Archive January, 2009

How Blogging has Affected Me

It’s been a good year plus since I restarted my blogging adventures. Who knew I would end up where I am now. I met new bloggers on a nearly weekly basis at one point, till my own schedule had back to back appointments, gatherings, events. From being behind the keyboard to real life meet ups. [...]

January 31, 2009 - Thoughts - - 16 Comments

Rumours said CNY is Yummy

Okay. Cut me some slack on this photo post, because I’m bad around food when i have my camera around. My first experience with food (together with Nadia, the camera. YES SHE HAS A NAME! Nao shoo.) was at a coffee shop in Sri Petaling. Ended up with a cup of leong sui in my [...]

January 24, 2009 - Food Review - - 6 Comments

Pelangi by Izzi Mohamed

oh teman tak pernah ku lupa, persahabatan kita, ok kawan ingin ku bertanya masihkan kau setia, kerna kau pelangi cahaya di hati selepas hujan turun…ohh kerna kau pelangi di hati ini selama ini…3x ohh..kau pelangi oh..selama ini oh..kau pelangi…kau pelangi.. oh..selama ini…. bertahun berlalu tanpa diri mu masihkah kau ragu semuanya berubah kini ketemu apakah [...]

January 22, 2009 - Thoughts - - 1 Comments

Yatz Haz Cheezburgr!

Am back from Penang! Since Yatz is still singing Gee Gee Gee even after his actual birthday, we are going to throw this little party for him. Beware the cool banner from the person who has all the time in the world to make one. (tq Nigel. =p) Where to RSVP? That’s a secret that [...]

January 20, 2009 - Random - - 4 Comments

Penang Day

I’m on a quick get fat one day course starting 6am today. I’ll be back, 36 hours later. Hopefully, if I’m fat enough that is. Else, will stay longer. Side note: my engine oil was quite low earlier (12AM). Drove 5KM to the nearest Shell (coz the one within 200m was closed) and bought two [...]

January 17, 2009 - Trips & Outings - - 1 Comments

Where the Hell is Matt 2008

Every year Matt goes around the world, doing his dance. Last year he did this: Look out for a dog (Kuwait), a guy falling down (Paris), the Demilitarized Zone (Korea), Matt got wet (Tonga), India, some guy trying to hump (Georgia), Matt dancing in the air (Nevada), guy in a wheelchair (California), Song used in [...]

January 15, 2009 - Random - - 2 Comments

I Have A Job

Working Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays. Working Hours: 8AM – 9.30AM Job Scope: Driver Pay: $0 Reason: Send sister to her uni. WAGH, I wanna sleep more!!!

January 14, 2009 - Random - - 1 Comments

Feeling Nostalgic

Just finished downloading and watching Definitely, Maybe, the movie that brought DGMB together. Heh.. Though, did realised something that I haven’t done in a very very long time before. I’m holding on a yoyo because I’m scared it would just slipped off my hand. I should let the yoyo go and it will come back [...]

January 13, 2009 - Thoughts - - 2 Comments