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Archive for 'WiMAX'

Am Featured on P1′s Newsletter!

In this month’s P1′s newsletter, I found myself featured on it! A closer look: Does this mean I have to write more posts on wimax and get another feature?

October 6, 2008 - WiMAX - - 5 Comments

P1 W1MAX Standard Packages

Although I’ve been writing about Wimax related stuff lately, I think I left out P1′s standard packages pricing and promotions. Boohoo. Latest Standard Packages Personal/Home Use : P1 W1MAX 400 Download: 400kBps Upload: 150kBps No Contract: RM69/month 12-Month Contract: RM59/month 24-Month Contract: RM49/month P1 W1MAX 700 Download: 700kBps Upload: 300kBps No Contract: RM89/month 12-Month Contract: [...]

September 17, 2008 - WiMAX - - 4 Comments

P1 W1MAX Bandwidth Speed Testimonials

After scouring through some forums looking for what’s the real speed that the users are getting and I found these videos showing the speed they are getting:

WiMAX - - 0 Comments

Another WiMAX Player, YMax

First it was P1′s W1max. Now there’s YMax by YTL e-Solutions, the tech-based branch from the YTL Holdings. Now there’s not much info about YMax except for some news excerpts from major newspapers. An excerpt from The Star dated 11th September 2008 The company recently announced an introductory service that is focused on providing high-speed [...]

September 16, 2008 - WiMAX - - 2 Comments

P1 W1MAX’s Free Modem Promotion

P1 is currently offering free modem for all their packages, Home and Business accounts. This promotions last from 19 August 2008 till 30 September 2008. Currently the promotion packages available are as follows: Home/Personal Use P1 W1MAX 1200 Download: 1.2MBps Upload: 500kBps 12-Month Contract: RM99/month 24-Month Contract: RM89/month P1 W1MAX 2400 Download: 2.4MBps Upload: 500kBps [...]

September 12, 2008 - WiMAX - - 1 Comments

New Laptops, Intel Centrino 2 & WiMAX

Every time when someone asks me what laptop to buy, I’ll always say go with Dell. Simply because of the after sales support and fast customer services. Even if you’re an expert at repairing computers, I’m sure you’ll be lazy and just call Dell Support to fix them. Usually the best price to specifications laptop [...]

August 27, 2008 - Hardware,WiMAX - - 2 Comments

WiMAX Gaming Consoles! What about WiMAX P2P?

The latest consoles now uses ad-hoc and infrastructure WiFi hotspots to connect with each other for multiplayer gaming. But that limits distance for the consoles to within the WiFi router’s range. With the NDS you can even connect to your wireless router to join your friends at their homes for some Mario Kart action. But [...]

WiMAX - - 0 Comments

Bigger Space to Stay

PC Fair is here again. Beginning today actually. Every time there’s surely things to buy, something to get fixed or something new to add to my electromagnetic environment at home. So kan, this time there are a few things that I’m gonna buy. Notebook: RAM 2GB DDR2 667MHz x2. Est cost RM260 Desktop: Sata HDD [...]

August 1, 2008 - PC Fair,WiMAX - - 2 Comments