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Hello World, ShutterPulse

Been quite busy lately with photo shoots and meetings with clients. And I finally landed a job, not related to photography. Though, it’s a one year contract, but it could be extended in the future. Hopefully. Parents don’t know about that yet though. What is ShutterPulse? I’ve been doing some promo in my latest photos, [...]

March 17, 2009 - Photography,WordPress,Working Life - - 0 Comments

WordPress 2.6 Permalink 404 Errors Fix

WordPress 2.6 for some has been an upgrade nightmare. For me, I had no problems. But if you do experience problems with your permalinks, or experiencing 404 errors (this page does not exist) you can try the following steps as provided by WordPress Support. Temporary fixes: 1. If you’re using Linux/Apache on your webserver, you [...]

July 16, 2008 - WordPress - - 4 Comments

WordPress 2.6 is out

WordPress 2.6 is oooouttt! Another reason why I love WordPress. Not Blogger. So what are the new features in WP2.6? I’ll start off with the minor ones first. Word Count Word Count! I doubt this feature is available in Blogger So, this feature is a first for web based blog editor, I think. Remote Publishing [...]

July 15, 2008 - WordPress - - 13 Comments

Restructure Undebug.org

I’m looking for better ways to restructure my Undebug.org blog without resorting to a clean WordPress Installation and recreating it’s categories, tags, and permalink structure. I’ve done the same thing with my old personal blog but I didn’t import any of the old posts to the new one that you’re currently seeing now. What I [...]

July 12, 2008 - Geekology,WordPress - - 7 Comments