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Archive for 'Site News'

Spur of the Moment

Just got a new theme. Currently redesigning to integrate my photoblog into here. So later.. no more photo.cincauhangus.com anymore. It will be in one blog, easier for me and my countable-by-my-fingers-and-toes readers =) Not that good with designing, so expect some bugs during the first release.. Currently it displays fine on FF3 and IE7. IE6 [...]

November 4, 2008 - Site News - - 4 Comments

Undebug.org wp_posts Table Crashed

My gaming blog, undebug.org has crashed. Last back up is in July, but there’s about 50-80 posts from then till now. *just when i’m begining to earn some money again* *sigh* ARRRRRGHH.. Update 4:28AM: Submitted support ticket: Update 4:43AM: Exabytes tech support replies. Update 5:11AM: Exabytes tech support has repaired the damaged table for me. [...]

September 15, 2008 - Site News - - 0 Comments

StanleyWong.my & HweiMing.com

I offer hosting & domain services to small and medium sized bloggers who wants to try out blogging on WordPress or wants better customizing options for their blogs. If you’re interested, do drop a comment here with your email and I’ll contact you. As you can see on my sidebar links, there are a few [...]

August 6, 2008 - Site News - - 3 Comments

Men Down!

Looks like all the domains hosted under me was down for 2 hours. I sent a ticket and the cust support referred me to this notice which was posted 1.5 hours ago: Immediate Datacenter Network Maintenance Date : 26th July 2008 Time : 12.20 AM (GMT + 0800) ETA : 7 hours Network Range Affected [...]

July 26, 2008 - Site News - - 0 Comments

CincauHangus’s New Home

Here we are in my new home. New domain for a rebranding. Okay la, not so new as that’s my nick name after all. Anyways, this is just a filler post at the moment while I continue setting up my blog. I promise this time, the theme will be better than the previous one. *previous [...]

June 25, 2008 - Site News - - 3 Comments