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Goin on a Silent Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Written on October 8, 2008 by CincauHangus

I’m mentally tired, so be kind, rewind. No photos either :(

Work has been killing me up and down. Life has halted. The nights are the days, the days are the nights. And the only thing that comforts the mind is silence.

If Halloween is a trend in Malaysia, we’ll see kids running from house to house Trick or Treatin’ their way like every Hari Raya or Chinese New Year asking for angpows. Imagine little girls running around with a white cloth on top of their head (a case of mistaken identity of a tudung?) running around posing as a ghost looking for treats.

Sigh.. Would ever those days materialize over this part of the world?

Well, in true Malaysia Boleh (in blogging terms yah), we must celebrate each moment with a party! What else better than having the best in the business doing it?

Nuffnang and Nokia is organising a Silent Halloween Party with Nokia XpressMusic @ Borneo Baruk Club on the 1st November 2008! Non-purchasable tickets are limited and I’m hoping to get one with this entry!

What to expect from a party at this scale? Remember the Nokia IAC event I’ve been to mid this year? Expect the best of the indie scene to be there and rock our nights out.

But wait. What is this Silent Halloween is all about if we’re rocking things out that night?

There are a few ingredients needed for this to work. You’ll need either of this:

Or you could just settle for the old school way of music players. Ipods, Zunes, China-brand-mp3-playah also can.

Then follow this guidelines to enjoy your Silent Halloween:

  1. Turn on the playah (not in a sexual way)
  2. Choose a song that shakes your booteh, flexes the arms and rocks the head(s?).
    Feng tau pills not included.
  3. Plug it in to your sound chambers (your ears, duh)
  4. And start shakin, flexin, and rockin.

I hear someone shouted “THAT’S NOT SILENT AT ALL!”.

Silent to other people mah!!

So get some cotton buds and clean those ears because without the chambers cleaned, music with the Nokia XpressMusic doesn’t sound as sweet as it’s supposed to be.

If you’d like to join the parteh, do write/blog/talk/spread the news! And I’m sure would want to come because there’re 10 Nokia phones to be won! Check it out at Nuffnang.com.my/Silent-Halloween and see you there!

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