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MAPCU Bowling Tournament 2008

Written on July 21, 2008 by CincauHangus

As you may know I was joining the MAPCU Bowling Interuniversity Tournament for the 3rd year running. It would be the 4th if I was informed about the first one during my Foundation year but wattodo, college thought they didn’t have any bowlers.

Before telling this year’s results, if you still didn’t know, I’ll talk about the previous years tournaments first.

The format for this tournament is 1 team with 8 people, 4 girls, 4 guys. Each plays as a team in each gender category and under singles, doubles and team category. The top 12 (or 16, each year was different) individual scores of all events will be playing in the Masters final.

In my first year I was the only bowler who was able to play competitively because I was still under training at that time. There was another one, but lack of practise and bowling influence in APIIT, his bowling was slightly slacking, but still manageable. Khairil and I teamed up together in the doubles event and we finished 4th place, earning the college one point for the whole tournament. It was the first for the college to actually get something for this sport. Read this and this.

Only me qualified for Masters that year, but I didn’t do well. Too many games tire me out.

2nd year I had a better team to bring to the tournament but still something was still lacking, skills. Khairil had to leave the team because he graduated so the only one left is me. Thankfully new guys came along, from my newly merged class, Jin Yang, Aaron Low and Fedzwa. All were bowlers in some parts of their lives, but all were rusty. Jin Yang had the most prospect between those 3 new people.

Bowling is about skills and not strength (which is why I still can’t hand wrestle with you guys even with my bowling hand). For this year, I won 2nd place in the Singles category, behind HELP’s Eric Chai, National Youth bowler. Good result judging from my performance on that day. =) First medal for APIIT.

We did better this time also because 3 of us qualified to the Masters, me, Aaron Low, and (most likely) Jin Yang. My memory is corrupted at the moment because couldn’t remember who was playing at that time. :P Aaron Low finished 4th in the Masters behind 3rd by a hair. Overall, one silver, and a 4th placing in Masters.

This year. It took me 3 years to finally find a team that I could be really proud of. Well, partially, but still it is still worth a mention. We still do not have a usable girls team (sorry girls) but have a fairly good boys team. Rephrase, Men team. We were still following the previous year’s line up for girls, but we have 2 new faces for the men team, Aaron Low and Arthur Low. No, they are not related to each other, nor I am to Aaron. :P

Finally a whole team who knows how to bowl. It’s really a coincidence to meet these people, really through luck and timing. :D

On the tournament day, Aaron Low DECIDED to came late AGAIN. Yes, the previous year he was also late, but still managed to register on time. This year he didn’t come on time and missed the first Singles game. We could have a better finish in Singles if he’d come earlier.

I finished a Bronze for Singles with 190, 215, 210. Total 606, an average of 202 pins per game. Behind 2nd by 10 pins, and 1st by 19 pins. Arthur finished 4th, behind me by 17 pins. Jin Yang 11th and Aaron Low 42nd (because less one game).

In the Doubles, I teamed up with Jin Yang, while Arthur and Aaron Low is together. Me and Jin Yang finished 2nd with a total pinfall of 1114, behind 1st by 64 pins. Aaron Low and Arthur finshed 6th with 1028 pinfalls.

For the Team event we thought we were doing well in the early stages of the game. We were placed 2nd after the first game but dropped in the 2nd game. We caught up again at the 3rd game but finished 5th. Guess what, it was close! We were behind 4th by 5 pins, 3rd by 12 pins, and 2nd by 18 pins. All can tapau if we were to spare one more time. Now I really regret not sparing that simple pin. :(

First place was really far away with more than 200 pins from all of us.

Because Aaron Low didn’t play his first game, he didn’t have enough points to qualify for the Masters. The remaining 3 qualified. After 5 games, I (think) I finished 5th but not too sure about it. Forgotten to check the ranking. Hahaha.

It was a good day all together. Was happy that I finished with 2 medals, but could have been crying if I had a gold. :P

More photos in the next page.

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  • Comment by babedevil:

    yor….how come mine and lern’s pic also here one…??? so many some more… -_-”

    July 22, 2008 @ 11:46 am
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