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Z Factor

Written on January 9, 2009 by CincauHangus

Clubbing is a new thing for me. In 2008 I went for clubbing for a measly 5 times (excluding events). That’s just one hand! In 2009, I went for clubbing in the first week itself.

But I do notice that there exists a hierarchy in the clubbing scene. Rich, Show Offs and Modest. The rich are willing to spend a lot in clubs for entertainment, no surprise there. The show offs are where there are people who may not be able to afford to spend a lot, but they do just to get noticed. And finally the modest are those who want to have fun and spends at a modest amount.

Unfortunately with the economy like what it is now, a modest amount isn’t really modest anymore. I have friends who spends 300-400 bucks a night, and they do it regularly, 4-5 times a week. That’s like nearly a month’s pay of a fresh graduate!

Imagine the amount of cash I could bathe in! :P

After reading fellow friends blogs I found out that there’s a new way to get into clubs, in this case, Zouk. :P

It’s a new membership called Zouk Malaysia Facebook Privilages. Just add Zouk Malaysia as a friend and you get to enjoy a new world of privilages.

Zouk Malaysia

So what the big fuss about this faceless person I’m asking you to add?

Upon friend confirmation, you’ll get privilages such as free birthday parties (when it’s your birthday of course) that comes with 6 jugs of whiskey or vodka!

Now that’s once a year deal. What about your daily itch to dance and shake that ass? What about your out-of-date friends who doesn’t have Facebook?

Zouk Room

This Zouk Malaysia Facebook privilages gives you a permanent guest list on every Friday/Saturday, which includes a jug of vodka or whiskey per person. If a jug isn’t enough for your never ending thirst, there’s the Midnight Madness promotions that offer drinks/jugs at 50% discount from 10pm-12pm.


And finally, you get to sign-in 3 guests with you on every other day which allows you and your friends to access to the Zouk room and BarSonic. (psst, are you a member of BarSonic Facebook Group?)

Of course, there’s the house rules which you need to qualify (age: 21 years old) and the offers here are for the Zouk room only.

Aw, c’mon. Zouk room is cool. Take a look at this:

Love the lights! :D

Oh! This saturday there’s this:

Armin Van Buuren

Are you going? Me iz going. =)

[inside joke] Please, I don’t wana get lucky again. Please. [/inside joke]


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