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Written on September 4, 2008 by CincauHangus

Google Chrome is cool. Nuff said. (nothing to do with nuffnang) Here’s my comments on Chrome

The Good:

  1. Chrome’s tab interface is cool and easy to use. Love the tab dragging feature. Truely drag & drop. :P
  2. Chrome’s Omnibox (a.k.a Address box) is quite cool as auto complete is better than Firefox’s (so I heard, but initial tests were quite good)
  3. Chrome’s start page is very innovative. And time saving as well.
  4. Die pop-ups! DIE!
  5. No title bar = more viewing space for laptop users like me. Only tabs bar and navigation bar. Bookmarks bar as well, if you want it. Status bar is also no no, but replaced with a pop up one. No idea how to describe it to you. Go see for yourself.
  6. History Page is unique, has timestamps on all the pages/sites that you went to. It’s a page on its own. The Download window (in Firefox) also follow’s the History Page’s format. Haven’t test it out yet but I guess it’s about the same. :P
  7. Not enough screen real estate on your textbox? Expand it! All textboxes (multi line) can be resized for better viewing.
  8. Google Chrome’s FAQ/Manual/Story
The Bad:
  1. Needs a little more polishing on the I/O devices interaction, eg mouse wheel punya scrolling quite fast.
  3. Facebook seems buggy with Chrome. Most likely the Flash plugin not that polished yet. AJAX support needs to be fixed
  4. Tabs doesn’t flash/notify me when there’s an alert (eg: like a pop-up alert or something)
  5. Password manager is unsecured.
  6. Copying is buggy. Doesn’t copy the exact format. (I copy paste a lot of stuff, for blogging and other plagiarising activities) Or maybe the WordPress text editor ada problem with Chrome?
  7. I find Chrome is pretty.. Optionless? Not much configuration to play with. Maybe this is a good thing?
That’s my first hour impression on Google Chrome. Try it out!

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  • Comment by tom:

    my 2cents..
    its for those who are on the go..
    good to have this into my PDA.. :D

    September 4, 2008 @ 7:15 pm
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