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Another WiMAX Player, YMax

Written on September 16, 2008 by CincauHangus

First it was P1′s W1max. Now there’s YMax by YTL e-Solutions, the tech-based branch from the YTL Holdings.

Now there’s not much info about YMax except for some news excerpts from major newspapers.

An excerpt from The Star dated 11th September 2008

The company recently announced an introductory service that is focused on providing high-speed enterprise data and wireless Internet broadband access to a selected number of corporate customers.

According to Y-Max, subscribers can currently enjoy speeds of up to 2Mbps (megabits per second) and are charged between RM80 and RM160 a month.

“The service is now being deployed at two five-star hotels and a cafe in Bukit Bintang,” a company spokesman said. YTL-e said the service is being offered to a limited number of corporations in order to get valuable feedback that will help it improve its full-scale WiMAX service rollout.

There’s not much to go on but after poking around in Lowyat forum, I found out that YMax is selling their services & products at rather high prices. Here’s a quotation from one of the forumers:

DL/UL = Price
1.0MB/512kB = RM399
1.5MB/1.5MB = RM599
2.0MB/512kB = RM669

Installation Fees = RM150
Activation = RM100
1 Year Minimum subscription

All packages comes with a fixed IP address, free e-mail and a free WiMAX account for your laptop. What does it mean with the free WiMAX account for laptops? I’m guessing it’s a separate account for those people who wants to use this service on their laptop with the on-board WiMAX modem (Intel Pentium Centrino 2).

Which means, you could be getting 2 accounts for the price mentioned above. One for your home, another for your laptop while on the go. That would be a good thing if you travel/work around the area a lot. But are there any jobs which does that?

Maybe for VCD peddlers with tiny cellphone with WiMAX enabled warning system. :P

My opnion on the price however wasn’t too happy to begin with. Lets not talk about the location they are covering first. The prices *quoted* are very expensive. VERY VERY expensive. I rather sit out on this and stay with Streamyx a little while longer till a better deal arises.

At the moment they cover a small area, Bukit Bintang to be exact. I’m not sure who are their target customers are, but judging with the prices *quoted*, I think mainly aimed to SOHOs or on-the-go businesses. I also think it’s because Bukit Bintang is also YTL’s home base. There are loads of properties that belongs to YTL in that area.

Will the prices drop? Will the packages be more tempting in the future? Time will tell.

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