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Bigger Space to Stay

Written on August 1, 2008 by CincauHangus

PC Fair is here again. Beginning today actually.

Every time there’s surely things to buy, something to get fixed or something new to add to my electromagnetic environment at home.

So kan, this time there are a few things that I’m gonna buy.

  • Notebook: RAM 2GB DDR2 667MHz x2. Est cost RM260
  • Desktop: Sata HDD 500GB 16/32MB x2. Est cost RM600 OR
  • Desktop: Sata HDD 750GB 32MB x2. Est cost RM750
  • NAS DLink DNS-323: Est cost RM430

My notebook needs a little upgrade now because it’s quite slow when doing post processing for my photos. Crazily slow already. And now it’s gonna be even worst when I start doing my FYP. :( 4GB should be enough. :P

Next, why 2 harddisks? It’s because of the last item, hopefully cheaper in PC Fair. NAS – Network attached storage. Somewhat like a dedicated computer that saves all my files in one place, and lets it share with other computers at home.

We have at least 3 computers at home for a family of 5. 2 for me. :P

Some how the 750GB harddisks are cheaper than the 500GB ones, $ to GB. 500GB is nearer to 60cents/GB, 750GB is about 50cents/GB. Should be cheaper in PC Fair. :) 1TB at the moment is above RM500. If it’s at RM500 in PC Fair, I may get one of those instead. Times 2 of course. :)

Oh 2 harddisks because I can do RAID 1 or RAID 0. Something n00bs will not know. :P Geeko stuff.

The NAS has some good features in it, but being a DLink product I’m a little skeptical, but that’s the best value for money now. It has a webserver, bittorrent capabilities and also can act as an iTunes server. Good if I have over 10GB of songs but all stucked in my computer. :P

PC Fair also giving out some freebies for every purchases of RM300 in a single reciept (or RM200 if you’re a student). Most likely some stack of DVDs but hey still free. :P

Guess what. WiMAX will also be at PC Fair. I stumbled upon P1 WiMAX (or W1MAX)’s website the other day and it seems that they are having a simple contest.

Go to P1W1MAX website and click on this logo at the top left of the page.


Which will lead to this page:


The questions are very simple, for 2 of them at least. Haha

  • Who is the first in Malaysia to launch WiMAX on the 2.3 GHz spectrum?
  • What is the name of its WiMAX service?
  • In less than 15 words, tell us why you want P1 W1MAX.

Pretty simple I guess. I’m joining it hoping I’d get some test runs on WiMAX. Hahaha *wishful thinking*

Oh wait! Thomas said they are giving out FREE WiMAX! Grr. Can’t wait to go tomorrow. Hahaha. Also, if you’d check out P1W1MAX website you’ll find a place where you can sign up for a free trial. I’ve signed up because it covers Gombak! Weeeeee!

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  • Comment by Simon Seow:

    3GB is enough if you use 32 bit OS because that’s that max it can utilize. Anything more is a waste.

    August 5, 2008 @ 7:41 am
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    October 21, 2014 @ 4:09 pm
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