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Expanding the Skill Set

Written on March 5, 2009 by CincauHangus

Unemployed and pennyless. Not to mention single. Lol. Somewhere I never thought I’d be.

But somehow, getting a desk job scares me. Maybe that’s why I’m still bumming around, like what Grace and I are happily doing. :P Though I do have the urge to fill my bank account and besides having the weight above me, I also want to be able to finance my own assets..

Freelancing as a photographer is fun at the moment, but not necessarily good. So I decided to get another source of income.I may very well step into a much more serious job soon, but still working at the comforts of home.  Double the goodiness, if there’s such word.

My skill set is partly limited but still expanding, at a slow rate. WordPress, web hosting, programming (this is getting rustier by the day) and photography (editing skills getting better by the day. lol). The new job I’m hoping to get involves a new CMS (content management system) that I haven’t used before, Joomla.

Though many of you would be thinking “What? WordPress? Blogging is not a skill set!”. Well I’m not talking about blogging, but merely the platform itself. I’m well versed with setting up and maintaining the site. I’d very much love to move into plugin programming and themes development but lack of graphical skills will slow down progress. I’m better at innovating than inventing. Heh.

Hopefully I can put Joomla under my belt as well. Maybe I’ll explore CakePHP as well. Hahaha..

Was showing off a site that I built not too long ago to a friend. A comment was thrown back which snapped me out of my dreamy world of carefree thinking to back to the college years.

I expected better from you.

I guess because I’ve established and maintained a good track record in college, my friends look up to me in a way I never thought it would happen. Usually I’m a pain in the ass for most people, anal as most say. Perfectionist. lol.

Need to keep up the standards!

So, I’m going to work on those stuff I overlooked and scrub them harder. Heh. Now where’s my metal brush…

By the way, anyone want’s blog hosting? :P


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  • Comment by Anne Marie:

    good luck aaron on the new job… so nice working from home…
    Hehe I want a hosted blog…. XD

    March 5, 2009 @ 6:02 pm
  • Comment by aronil:

    Work hard man, You guys have something going on. So don’t give up.. being penniless is how it’ll be in the beginning. Just keep encouraging one another. The big jobs will start rolling in soon :)

    March 6, 2009 @ 3:10 am
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