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Cincau Hangus, Literally

Written on November 12, 2009 by CincauHangus

I KNOW I KNOW. Everyone is waiting for an update on the previous post! Unfortunately I had fever on Monday and Tuesday thanks to 3 cups of Milo on Sunday, during The Sun Motor Hunt competition – which by the way was DQed for arriving late. Everything started with a bad sore throat, followed by flu. Wisdom teeth didn’t help either. Fever also made my scars slightly more discomfort than usual.

A crazy thing I did last night, fever went off already but my flu was still non stop. So I took a very warm bath.

Bye Flu!

Hello again Fever.

Slept under 2 blankets and I’m feeling better without fever and flu.

Sunday was fun though. Not Monday and Tuesday.

I wonder, if I had a day job, I think I would be taking around 2.5 weeks of MC. Is that acceptable or not? :P

Update tomorrow. I promise. I think.

Meanwhile, watch this advertisement. Funny as hell!

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