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Sliced and Diced

Written on November 3, 2009 by CincauHangus

It’s 11.30PM and it’s the 2 week anniversary of getting sliced and diced. Not many things happened since I was discharged from the hospital – mainly because I’m grounded to the house because I can’t drive nor anyone wants to take me out. :(

I’m pretty sure tonnes of people wants to know what happened to me on the 20th October 2009 (if you don’t, google for compassion :P ). To be frank, I don’t remember all the details from the incident – even on Day 0 and because it’s Day 14, some details might be a little off if you heard the story from me earlier.

PS: I’ll constantly update this post when I’m able to type. Work in progress for now.

To those who called, messaged, tweeted and visited me, thank you. :)

Day 0.

Part 1.

Just reached home after dropping off a friend after the movie screening ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ at Midvalley. I parked perpendicular from the neighbor’s house before parking the car into the house – because my mom’s car was parked in front of the gate. We’ve 3 cars and my mom’s car is always parked outside while mine and dad’s are usually parked inside.

An example would be like this:

< A >|| (outside)
------- (automatic gate)
|B| |C| (inside)

A = Mom’s, B = Mine, C = Dad’s, || = bougainvillea tree

I have to get the keys to my mom’s car and move it aside then drive my car in and move hers back into position. Thanks to my mom’s nagging I’m pretty cautious when exiting my car. So I do look around for suspicious people/activity around before exiting.

I waited for a motorcycle to pass by the alley first before leaving my car. The moment I was out, another motorcycle passed by and I thought nothing of it and had my guard down for a bit. Next thing I knew they turn back and came towards me.

First one passed by and stopped a further on, while the second one stopped just in front of me and said something to me.

[Neighbour]| <*1>     |
[House] [A]| <*2> [Me]|[B] [Opposite Neighbour]

<*1> & <*2> = Motorcycles. 2 person on each motorcycle
[A] = Mom’s car, [B] = my car.

First motorcycle passed me and stopped about a house away while the second motorcycle stopped just slightly after me. The passenger on the *2 asked for something which I couldn’t hear clearly, but I said I don’t know anyway.

Not sensing anything, I continued walking towards the gate.

Part 2

The passenger on the <*1> came down and cornered me off at the front of my mom’s car. That’s when I realised something is wrong. One was behind, another was in front of me. They brandished something that looked like a baton but pointed it away from me.

While they were shouting and demanding me to give my phone and wallet up (they weren’t exactly clear with what they wanted though. I had to figure out what exactly they wanted.), I was scrambling trying to feel my through the automatic gate remote looking for the alarm button.

Lights to the porch was still off, even the immediate left neighbours’ lights were off too. Only light illuminating was the street light. I was still processing what’s happening and trying to establish a course of action to get out of there. Of course, I ended where I am now because of the following actions lah.

Okay, quick disclaimer. From here on, my memory has been fuzzy since the incident and the following events mentioned might not be chronologically correct or might have missed a point or two.

While I kept my eyes on the robbers, I was still trying to establish which button to press to trigger the alarm and so on. Once I got the orientation of the remote right, stubbed my finger into the alarm button and hope the damn remote wouldn’t fail on me.

Gate alarm triggered and it took a while before my mom turn on the lights and came out.

At this moment the robbers still wouldn’t leave even though the alarm was ringing, and my mom just came out of the house. When my mom realised what’s actually going on, she started shouting and screaming her head off towards the robbers asking them what they wanted.

I on the other hand had other things going on in my mind. Mind you, everything was instant. Firstly, clients messages that came in with instructions were still in the phone. Second, I didn’t want to redo my IC and driving license and all those crap if they took my wallet.

So, I did the second thing on my mind, save the wallet. Don’t ask why I did it or why didn’t I pick the first one (I might have a pretty good explanation to that but client’s might just kill me for that) or why didn’t I just gave it to them.

I was right in front of my immediate left neighbour’s house. I threw my wallet from the front of the neighbour’s house into my house – through the neighbour’s porch. I kinda thought it was cool and wanted to tell the robbers “DID YOU SEE THAT?”.

I still had my phone in my right hand. I might have put the remote back into my pocket though. Not 100% sure.

House 2 || <me-> <-rob1>
House 1 || <mom's car>

House 1 = my house, House 2 = neighbour’s house. -> = facing direction

Didn’t want to have my back facing the robbers too long, I did the throw as fast as I could. I did the loudest OI I could to get the neighbours out but that drew back the attention to me.

The next thing that happened was one of the robbers (I don’t know which one) started to swing his what I thought was a baton because it felt blunt when I blocked it off.

He hit once, then twice and maybe a third. Then I think he said “takut tak sekarang”. I wasn’t. In fact I would drive my keys into his neck at that time but I didn’t want to provoke him further. Subconsciously I released my phone to the ground.

It was then another robber came on my left side and started shouting. This is when the first robber pick up my phone and started to back off.

I went nearer to my house and was in between the automatic gate and my mom’s car. It was then the 2nd robber followed me and started shouting towards me.

[    My House    ][ Neighbour House ]
|| <me-> <-rob2>
|| < mom's car >    <rob1>
<*1>  <*2>

-> = facing direction , — = gate, || = bougainvillea tree, <*1> & <*2> = robber’s motorcycles

Essentially, I was cornered.

Part 3.

He swung out his parang from his sling bag, samurai style. Then he held it around his hip, again like a samurai waiting to run and attack.

For a quick second I thought these guys must have watched too much TV.

He shouted, “aku akan bunuh engkau”. I think he felt intimidated by me.

My mom pleaded to him on and on to stop what’s he’s doing.

And at this very moment, I don’t remember how exactly I got into the house, but my mom helped me filled in the blanks.

He left me and headed back to his bike. I opened the gate and walked into the house.

Then I realised I was bleeding profusely. The blood was dripping onto my jeans and shoes. When I walked into the house, I left a long trail of blood from the gate to the kitchen.

When I was in the porch, I turned around and saw the neighbour from the right of the house came out to see what’s the commotion was about. The neighbour was wearing a sarong and a t-shirt. He was trying to ward away the robbers but the driver on the 2nd bike branded his parang and the neighbour ran back. Could you imagine how a person in sarong tries to run?

I want to laugh, really. But I had other things on my mind. I proceeded into the house.

I saw my youngest sister looking around dazed, my dad and my sister rushing downstairs,  and the maid was like “what to do what to do”. My mom was on panic mode.

In the kitchen I headed towards the sink, having my left hand up to slow down the bleeding.

Just when I was about to turn on the tap, I had a quick look at the wounds. I had a big gaping hole at the left of my wrist and a long cut on my elbow. I stopped, think, okay, it’s gonna very very painful if I washed it right now.

My dad asked me what’s going on and my mom answered panicky. Mom handed me a towel to wrap my hand and my dad said he’ll take me to the hospital.

Me, dad and my sis got into the car while my mom still have to move her car away. When she went out, all the neighbours were out on the road, then instead of moving the car she started talking to the neighbours. -_-”

We headed to Selayang Hospital, got into the Accident and Emergency ward and was examined at the triage station. The attending paramedic cleaned up the wounds and bandaged it properly. I was given a green tag and proceeded to register myself into the hospital. I was given a ticket number for my turn to be examined by a doctor. It was number 1001.

Day 1 has just begun. Continue to page 2.

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  • Comment by Cavin:

    Just not your day ?

    November 5, 2009 @ 12:45 pm
  • Comment by belle:

    Just glad that you are fine now. i was so shocked when i received msg from earl. Take it as a lesson. be very cautious !

    November 5, 2009 @ 10:25 pm
  • Comment by JustinH:

    woah that is one serious experience……
    get well soon…..

    November 6, 2009 @ 11:02 am
  • Comment by Solitary Rose:

    eh I read until very kan jeong u know. wtf!

    November 6, 2009 @ 12:20 pm
  • Comment by Desmond T:

    Caution – Lesson for the rest of us
    Compassion – Opportunity for the rest of us
    Consort – Accompany people in needs; for the rest of us

    things i don’t do well.

    November 6, 2009 @ 5:00 pm
  • Comment by renaelyng:

    thank God you’re okay. ;)

    November 7, 2009 @ 1:28 am
  • Comment by Chingy:

    Glad you’re alright! Very gan jeong reading it.

    November 7, 2009 @ 3:54 pm
  • Comment by joshuaongys:

    swt the way you draw the incident is… really… LMAO

    November 8, 2009 @ 3:24 pm
  • Comment by guin:

    erm, tis is scary >.<
    hope tat u can fully recover asap

    November 9, 2009 @ 3:01 pm
  • Comment by hitomi:

    This is it!!
    Thank goodness you are alive.
    You are really Madd….

    November 25, 2009 @ 11:19 pm
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