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Nine 2 Five

Written on April 4, 2009 by CincauHangus

I feel like just talking nonstop for no reason at the moment. Listen to me will you? :D

So lets start with my 9 to 5 ‘job’. I’m currently in a certification course to be certified as a SAP ABAP developer. I’m taking it in HCL-Axon at TPM, near my old uni. Steph said that company is one of the best companies in Malaysia for SAP, while my dad stunned after I told him I was taking a SAP course in Axon. More like astonished actually, but me being as blur as possible wasn’t too sure what the ‘astonishment’ was about. Haha.

Those who are wondering, I’m still unemployed. I’m taking this course under the MDEC Job Camp initiative by the government (it’s their way to help fresh grads and unemployed IT peeps to be more desirable to IT companies by providing free IT courses).  The course itself costs RM30,000, while the exam fees is RM2,000. Of course I’m not paying RM30,000, plus I don’t have that much either (else I would have bigger lenses by now!!), but I have to pay for the exam fees. I can not take the exams if I want to, but I think the RM2,000 is worth an investment.

If I do get certified, I’m most likely going to work in a medium-large sized MNC (maybe?). I’m not being ‘chun’ or a show off, but SAP is a very expensive platform for small companies to have it. Usually SAP is deployed in the oiling, mining, aeronautical industry, so that’s why I’m expecting to be somewhere around there, again, if I get it.

Oh, haven’t explained what’s SAP about. SAP is a business solution for big companies to handle nearly everything in their company. For example: human resource, finance, marketing, information management, etc. It’s basically a skeleton framework for business to run. For it to work for different industries, all you need to do is to install the right modules into SAP and it be available for developers/programmers to build programs for the clients. There are modules specifically for mining, oiling, transportation, business warehousing, and all kinds of industry which I never heard of as well. Cool stuff.

Talking about development in SAP.. It’s freaking simplified! All those things I learnt on Microsoft .net and those kononnya state-of-the-art programming languages.. Suddenly, SAP ABAP programming interests me even more. Table/Data adapter and all those codes you used just to retrieve a set of data from the database, which could be 20 lines worth, is only 4 lines in SAP ABAP. Crazy and super ‘cheating’.

Wonder why I never find out about SAP earlier. Bleh.

I do hate that I can’t simply double click in SAP, even highlighting text, because it will trigger SAP to search/display the details of the text I clicked.. Sheesh!

The SAP server that I connect to is hosted remotely somewhere I don’t know. So the training is HIGHLY dependent on the Internet, if it’s down/slow like what we’re having right now with Streamyx, I can’t do anything at all. Like yesterday, no internet = no exercise.

The training is 5 weeks long, 9AM-5PM everyday. Though I start ‘work’ a little earlier because I have to send my sisters to their uni everyday by 8.30AM. It’s a freaking long journey from home to Sunway to Bukit Jalil. Not to mention about the tolls, RM6 one way. I even just serviced my car (5,000KM maintainance), where the previous service was just 1.5 months before that. Bleh. But whole family is against me not taking them to uni. I still don’t understand why my sisters cannot take the LRT to their uni, LIKE how I did last time. WHY?

Sometimes I feel my sister is treating me more as a driver than what I’m supposed to be. Sigh.

Summore I’m sort of ‘training’ to be in a 9-5 job. What happens when I get a real job after that? Sigh.

Okay. Time to sleep. Tomorrow a long day with BarCamp and Nuffnang-Maxis Broadband Music Bash party. And I’m going to watch/shoot Formula 1 the following day. Ciaos!

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  • Comment by Hafiz:

    I’m interested to join this course…Is there any chances for me to attend? How long the course take time?

    August 28, 2009 @ 12:15 am
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