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Definition of a Bad Week

Written on September 22, 2009 by CincauHangus


Laptop fried. No reason given, couldn’t start it up or do anything. Luckily I finished my work the night before and burnt into DVDs.

Then, 2nd day on location. Was there at 1PM as I did the day before. Somehow there was a miscommunication between me and the person I was liasing, so I was stranded there till the shoot was over, which was 6.30PM. Laptop fried, phone died. Did nuts there.

Buka puasa with the people on set, and it wasn’t hygienic as expected. None of my friends were near enough to my location to have dinner together, so had to eat there..

Then one of the actresses was so late, I was only able to do my job at 8.45PM. That’s nearly 8 hours on set, doing NOTHING. Once I’m done with my shoot, it’s already 9PM.

Went home, thinking about the bad day, and fell asleep on the sofa.


Redemption day. Tried to fix the hard disk, only to find out I was using the wrong hard disk. Casing were all the same.

Called Dell service to check on my laptop’s warranty and got a technician to come in the next day.

Called Dell sales to check on my monitor’s status because the sales person didn’t send any purchase confirmation to my email. I don’t even have the invoice number or quotation number for that. Received the invoice later in the day.

Sorted out my photos, relocation and backup.


Dell technician came in, replaced the motherboard on the laptop and it started to run again. Data still intact. Phew.

Found out one of my close friend had a miscarriage. Arranged for lunch on Friday.

The girl was on MC, so I asked her out for dinner. Jammed like mad thanks to the rain, had dinner then sent her back. Still too nervous to ask her straight into her face about that night, I decided to call her. Seems that it’s common to be physical in the clubs. Felt a bit crumbled inside but heck, it’s already been a bad week, so just move on to the next item.


The new monitor is being delayed for 7 days. Emailed asking for an explanation and they said they didn’t have enough parts, so it’s being delayed. I’ll only be getting it by end of this week. :(

Met up with Mei at 1u, again jam thanks to the rain. The padini jacket I wanted to buy wasn’t available in that padini outlet. Left the place and went to have dinner near her house.


Had lunch with the close friend and accompanied her to her gynae in Taman Mayang. Found out that she’s suffering from ectopic pregnancy after the same gynae misdiagnose her 2 weeks earlier. The gynae adviced her get a surgery as soon as possible because it might endanger her as well. Did a quick google then and found out how serious it was.

She went to get a second opinion later, while I had to go to work. Later she told me she’s getting into surgery in the evening.

Work was okay, but was still preoccupied with her condition. Had dinner with uni friends after that.


Visited my friend in the hospital and heard the stories about the gynaes and the different hospitals she had to visit during the day after I left. Damn incompetent those doctors. Finally she ended up in Tropicana Hospital. Unfortunately the fallopian tube ruptured but they managed to remove the save her life.

Went to Skytrex with William and friends. Fun!

Shot Cely’s hen’s night after that. Surprisingly I could last that long even after Skytrex.

Sunday: Rest day. Finished up a few photo sets for clients. Working on the desktop is so much faster. Why didn’t I thought of that in the beginning?


Wedding reception rehearsal for this Friday. Recon job before the big day.

Still feeling depressed about the whole week, went to meet up with Mei after work. Went home and slept.

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  • Comment by char:

    so danger remove the tuber. then she got no more tuber? or they fix the tuber? or just remove one tuber?

    September 25, 2009 @ 11:39 pm
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