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Yes it has been a while since this blog had something in it, or as a matter of fact has something to show in it.

Site has been down due to “Abuse” as what Exabytes calls it, which I think was just a one off occurrence of CPU spike. Hence they decided to disable the site, killed off my permissions and terminated my shell access, which I think is really really stupid, especially if they want to do less work. Just disable the site from public view enough la. Doinks.

Anyways, work’s great. Busy. Sleep deprived. Long OTs – not that I’m complaining, in fact had the most OT hours in a week! OT is rewarding for most of us, a day off in lieu and RM30 for dinner. Gosh more free food. Everyone in the company has either gained 3KGs or more since they joined. No kidding. EVERYONE.

A story for another day. Off to bed.

PS: Installed WP3.1. Love the admin toolbar. Gonna get rid of all the mumbo jumbo categories I have. Too much organization. Gotta mix it up a little yo.
PSS: Damn ants.

March 16, 2011 - Random - - 0 Comments

2010 Wish List

1. Razer Lycosa Mirror Keyboard
2. A cool Hoodie
3. Ford Focus! (Haha!)
4. PlayStation 3
5. A Lego set (Always wanted to start a collection)
6. Rare 35mm films (for the Blackbird Fly)
7. Starbucks 2011 Planner
8. Armani Code perfume

December 26, 2010 - Random - - 1 Comments

DGMB opens their first boutique

Laugh of the day. DGMB gang must be proud.

Credits to @chunglern

July 27, 2010 - Random - - 8 Comments

Make Time

Although things are going well so far, my life feels so unorganized. There’s just so many things I have to do but just couldn’t find time. Well maybe I’ve been slacking here and there but it’s because after the day job I can’t find the energy to do anything else.

The todo list currently stands at more than 10 big tasks not excluding upgrading the iPhone to iOS4 while maintaining jailbroken status, consolidate all my contacts and calendar in outlook/gcalendar, complete outstanding tasks for clients, complete all the required features for klparking.com, upgrade klparking.com framework to support a larger and more flexible dataset, learn perl (programming language required at the new home), clear gmail inbox (1000 mails!!!), reorganize and consolidate my iTunes songs & playlist, install the new 500gb hdd into pc (new hdd been lying around for weeks), buy a drybox for the camera gear, clear up the junk that has been in the room for ages, start on new projects, clean & update wardrobe, get a CRM & accounting & billing system up and running for my work clients, migrate all the files from one reseller account to another, etc.

Damn I need time. Where has time went??

Rant - - 0 Comments

New Home

This is a pretty place. Looking forward to come here often, although this place is kinda dead, but anything for a blue sky.

I think I’ll miss little girls running around in their fashion shows. A little. :)

July 26, 2010 - Working Life - - 2 Comments

Blue Clouds

There are more blue clouds than white clouds today!

In reference’s to the bride-to-be Pam Song‘s post of me blindness.

July 23, 2010 - Random - - 1 Comments

It’s been a while

4 months has passed since my last post. Time flies man.

Quit my freelance lifestyle for a stable income at a private university working as a digital media exec. Would have love the job if not because that I feel like I’m being used for all sorts of other reasons besides my own skills.

Also, somewhere along the job, while learning and observing from other friends, I had a realisation with my career choices. Things should be different for me. I should push the boundaries instead of sitting in my comfort zone. I’ve made up my mind and changes will come in, it’s just a matter of time. It definitely will no longer be in my comfort zone anymore but it’s for the good. That’s how we learn & grow right?

I’m actually still servicing some of my previous clients, but I struggle to find time to do my non-work work. Feels so spent out by the time I come home. Maybe I should leave office on time for once and go straight home.

Believe me, once you start work, sleep is gold.

July 22, 2010 - Working Life - - 2 Comments

Betty Midwest Kitchen

Porkchop with orange cream sauce.

March 23, 2010 - Random - - 0 Comments