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Am I not worth your time?

Written on March 18, 2011 by CincauHangus

Dealing with other people’s attitude can be much, annoying, as apposed to making one person feeling good about themselves.

Wait, scratch that. Not that I want to but I’m now feeling very much annoyed just being there for every kind of people I know. And to be real honest, while I like making people feel happy for themselves, it’s just a pain trying to make them feel that way.

I’ve been there for people whom feel upset for not being able to take a leap, or wants to take a leap but they are afraid of the consequences. I’ve been there when things goes to hell and you need someone to pull you out of the water. I’ve been there when just showing some concern is enough. I’ve even been there when relationships goes up in flames, or at least going to.

But lets be honest, once they are out of the dark, who really cares about the person who stuck their hand deep into the sink hole and pull you out of it. Who really cares about the person who keeps pushing you to do better things. Who really cares about the person who willing to spend time and effort to lecture or even just talk you out of doing something silly or even damaging. Really, who really cares?

It sounds like I’m a miracle mental healer or something, but really, by just being there supporting people is really a mental healer. So much so I’m getting tired of it myself and I feel the need of someone else to tell me it’s okay, people do appreciate the things I do for them and my efforts doesn’t go to waste.

Yeah, sounds like just about right. I probably do need a kick in the arse to stand up right again. Again, some may ask, why do I even care? I don’t know really. Maybe I was born to make people feel good about themselves. Maybe it’s a delight and triumph itself to see some one smile after a crappy moment when you know you made them feel that way.

In the end, there would be a time when you seek compensation. Not in money of course, but in time. Well time is money you see, and it’s not something people are willing to give it back to you if they think you’re not worth their time, even if you think you did them a big favor.

The thing is, to me, I’m happy enough to see that person walks away smiling. But there are some instances, which may refer to some people that I put extra care and time into, I would really like some of your time back. It does come back as a real disappointment if expectations weren’t met, even more especially when you’re someone that’s close to heart.

Well, what do you do when that happens? I don’t know. I’m still looking for an answer to that. I’m also still trying to tell myself it’s probably a good time to let go of this person and look for someone else who’s willing to invest their time in me and not feel rejected & dejected instead.

Maybe it’s just me, it’s probably just an unsolvable puzzle that I want to solve – or maybe not. Another question I can’t solve. It would probably pass much easier if they are willing to spend just a tiny bit of their time in their hectic, stressful, eventful daily schedule.

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